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Introduction On Jahantahsil Team:   Hello to you,dear Intenatinal student.welcome to “the student team of jahantahsil”website.we are a group of students who studying  abroad .we have tried to describe most of  things , that help us or in contrast things that make us bad situation.we are just trying to indicate you every thing ,briefly and useful and hope that these issues will be useful for all International students and other people

Teams members : Amirali, Pouya, Vikas, Aicha, Roza, parastoo , Abbas , Nahid,Frzad,Sepideh ,Moein , Mohammad , Salumeh,Ali,Hossein  have formed this team

Our goals:  To share experiences and learned something that have been obtained difficultly throughout  these years . we hope to be able to transfer these experiences and expected that you dont leave us alone and also cause to our improvement in this field.  in other words   , your comments  and suggestions could be effective  in our activities. our team transfer a new study information to you as much as we can and hope that these items would be useful for all students around the globe

At the moment we active in 14 countries such as :  Ukraine- Australia - Sweden - Malaysia - Norway - Portugal - Denmark - Cyprus - Netherlands - Canada - India -French-Belgium - America and the UK

If you have  decided to departure to one of the mentioned countries ,we can guarantee you to become a succeed person

To know living condition ,type of living,cost of living and get a public information about each country, you can easily  use of the links which are located in the right hand of each page . After study these information if there is an ambiguous issue you can ask us by communicative tools which are introduced you

Notice:How to get a academic admission by Jahan Tahsil team

Friends who have decided to leave their country and want to live in other foreign country should investigate every aspect of that such as :living condition,cost of living,economic and political issues,cost of education ,work permit  and etc. after complete these information you can take decide and prepare your required  documents

You can follow this 3 steps

  • complete study this website
  • send your questions and ambiguous
  • free consultation with us

First of all we need your resume for better consultation for doing this stage you can go to communicate with management or consultation form or direct communication with website.this part have designed that answers  your questions after 24 can ask us several times but sending a consultation form is our suggestion  to you

Notice that always we write a phone number in website if each of members be in Iran you can see them with determined time appointment

what is more if you have all requirement documents you can scan them and then  send to our Gmail. after investigate them va consult with Universities which you are interesting to go there we will tell you that your answer is positive or negative.All costs (including funds deposit to the university and etc)should be paid  at the beginning  of your process

Ways of communicating with Jahan Tahsil Team

  • consultation form
  • communication with management
  • communication with website
  • contact  telephone with us

Common questions from you and jahan tahsil’s answers

(?) question:Are you company

(_) answer:No,we are just a group of students who studying abroad and present our experiences to anyone who wants to study abroad

(?)question:Where is your office address

(_) answer:As I told you we have no official office or company but we are currently speaking with other official authorities

(?)question:Who is your supervisor and how can we connect to you

(_) answer:The members of this team could be the supervisor :) but the  basic manager this team who manage every things is Amirali.meanwhile you can connect us by yahoo Id , on skype,by oovoo ,Email ,Gmail and etc.(notice :as I told you you can see our teams members if they are available in Iran)

(?)question:How much does your  consultation cost

(_) answer:No .in fact our consultation is free  and no need to pay

(?) question:How can we pay University fee

(_) answer:After analyzing  your documents you should pay this cost in Iran accounts or transfer by money exchanger

(?) question:How can we aware of  collective opinion

(_) answer:You can go to  "common questions" part   and see  all comments and press "here " to see your opinion


BE SUCCESSFUL / The Student Team Of Jahantahsil


Did you know

      This Website Is Following Jahantahsil website and all things are publishing by jahantahsil "s persian

The Student Team Of Jahantahsil