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food in sweden

In most restaurants and bars, a beer will cost you SEK 40-50 (EUR 4-5 ), a glass of wine perhaps a little more. Dinner starts at around SEK 100-150 (EUR 10-15) drinks not included. Eating out at lunchtime is cheaper; expect to pay somewhere around SEK 55-85 for a meal including a soft drink, salad and tea/coffee. An average monthly budget is set out below to give you some idea of the cost of living in Sweden


Food: SEK 2,000. Accommodation: SEK 3,200. Local travel: SEK 500. Telephone/internet: SEK 300. Insurance, medical care and hygiene: SEK 250. Student union fee: SEK 60-70. Clothing, hobby/leisure, other: SEK 750
Total: SEK 7,070, or about EUR 750

Remember however, that prices can vary considerably depending on where you live. Stockholm, for example, is more expensive than smaller towns

Please also note that when applying for a residence permit, you must prove to the Swedish Migration Board that you will have a guaranteed sum of money at your disposal throughout the entire period of your studies. The amount, SEK 7,300 per month for ten months of the year, is set by the Migration Board. If you wish to bring your family you must show that you have at your disposal an additional SEK 3,000 per month for your spouse and SEK 1,800 per month per child



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