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Schengen area: Portugal

  • Capital city: Lisbon
  • Total area: 92 072 km2
  • Population: 10.6 million
  • Currency: Euro

Portugal is situated in the south-west of Europe. Spain is the only country bordering Portugal along with the Atlantic Ocean. They are autonomous regions, the islands of Madeira and Agoras in the Atlantic Ocean, which are part of the territory of Portugal

Portugal has a population density of 112 people per km2 living mainly along the coastline. The Portuguese people are an emigrating nation and it is estimated that there are about three million emigrants around the world mainly in France, Germany and Luxembourg

Portugal has a open economy largely dependent on exports and imports. Textile and clothing is the most important manufacturing sector and accounted for an estimated 23.4% of total export earnings in the year 200

Industries such as cork, paper, port wine production and tourism are also significant sources of income for the economy. Key imports include motor vehicles, mineral fuels, electrical and electronic equipment

Portugal is divided into 18 districts, each with a civil governor who is appointed by the government. Madeira and Agoras are two autonomous regions with local governments and elected regional assemblies. These local governments have wide powers. Portugal is a parliamentary republic. Legislative power is exercised by a single chamber of 230 Deputies elected for four years under a proportional representation system. The President of the Republic is elected for five years at presidential elections. He has the power to dissolve parliament, appoint the Prime Minister and dismiss government


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